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While an authentic Stradivarius violin may be the most expensive and sought after violin's in history for many reasons, it's because of this that many reproductions have been made. Early on some violin makers would try to reproduce a Stradivarius violin with reasonable success and this process has continued for many years. Various theories exist to try to explain these magnificent instruments and one theory states that during the time that Stradivari was building his violins, that there was a small ice-age which caused tree growth to slow and therefore resulted in dense wood and there is some evidence to support the theory. Whatever the case, the quality of these instruments in so well known that even the word “Stradivarius” is used to describe when something is the very best in it's field.

Since the time of the originals in the 1600's and 1700's makers of fine violins have tried to make violins of competing quality and many have been quite successful at doing this. Buying a reproduction Stradivarius is completely acceptable and should not be viewed like buying a “knock-off” as this is not the case. What violin makers have realized is that they can learn a lot from the techniques used to build Stradivarius violins and in a Stradivarius Reproduction violin, the maker had tried to the best of their ability to build a high quality violin.

In terms of value, a vintage Stradivarius reproduction violin can still have significant value, however will not be worth nearly as much as the real thing. As an example, in 2005 a reproduction Stradivarius built in the 1920's by Heinrich Roth sold at an auction for over $3,000 which goes to prove that even a reproduction can have a reasonable value. Other examples of valuable Stradivarius reproductions include models made in Germany, France and Italy sometime in the past 100 years and built by violin makers like Hermann Beyer and Ernst Kreusler. At auctions, these instruments still regularly see $500 or more for each instrument and often more.

With unmatched quality, a Stradivarius violin is the ultimate instrument for any violinist to have the chance play, but for those who may never have the chance to hold such a piece of musical history, a reproduction Stradivarius will serve them well. With so much learned from the original maker, yet not fully mastered, a vintage Stradivarius reproduction violin is a great addition to your musical instrument collection or also beneficial for first time violinist's who want to learn on the best without spending a fortune.

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